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Relationship with USPh

physical therapy franchise

Bryan Romig, PT

Fishersville, Virginia • Opened in 2009

Did you research other options to open your own practice?

I had talked to USPh 10 years before but I wasn't a good fit for them at the time because I wasn't committed to staying in one area to grow a practice. When I called them 10 years later, I was ready. During those 10 years, I hadn't considered any other avenue to opening a clinic EXCEPT USPh because I was so impressed with their support systems. Then, with their financial support, I was able to attain what I thought was impossible and actually open my own clinic! I had the referring doctor support I needed. I had the experience gained from 24 years in the industry. USPh put up the stakes, and today, we have a successful clinic together.

"USPh opens a clinic like it is a science. Nothing is left to chance."

Since opening, what has the relationship with USPh been like?

Unlike other partnerships I have heard of, USPh is not a glory hog. From the onset, they build your clinic. They rely on the rapport you have with local doctors and understand that you are the key to the clinic's success. It's refreshing. This isn't a cookie-cutter physical therapy franchise. This is your clinic.

How long did it take you to exceed your prior income?

I had the introductory conversation with USPh in July 2008. Doors opened March 2009. Within 7 months, my clinic was very, very successful.

Have you met with any hardships, obstacles, or snags since opening?

Without USPh, the list of snags and hardships would have been ridiculously long... with the hardest probably being trying to pay anyone for the first few months while waiting to turn a profit. Even if you have the business, the delays in insurance payments require that you have funds in your pocket to cover business expenses upfront. But since I did go the partnership route, everything has been basically smooth sailing.

Why do you think USPh is so successful?

USPh opens a clinic like it's a science. They come to you with very specific expectations for a therapist to meet. The top brass of the company qualifies you personally and meets (again, in person) with your network of referring doctors to ensure your clinic will open with healthy business. They leave nothing to chance - if they feel like it's not a win-win situation, they will pass. They've done this enough times to know what to look for—and what to look out for.

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