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Kim Schonoff-Reiter

Waterloo, Iowa • Opened in 2006

Did you research other options to open your own practice?

No. USPh has opened many clinics, and they have it down pat. I am a physical therapist, not a business person. It would have been an absolute nightmare without USPh. They even helped me secure referrals from doctors in a hospital system whose referral network is closed referrals. Doctors are willing to fill out the extra paperwork just to refer their patients to me.

Why did you choose to open your practice with USPh?

I had talked with USPh two years before I actually got the ball rolling, and decided that I wanted to go with them if they would accept me. But then I got pregnant and had to put the discussions on hold. Then family health concerns put it off even longer. USPh called me back, and a little over a year later I opened my clinic doors. I needed the security of managing my own business. The start-up was a preferable risk compared to the risk of being an employee.

How long had you thought about opening a private practice?

I had worked for a private practice for 10 years, and without notice, benefits were taken away and my salary was sliced. Before that day the idea of opening my own practice wasn't something I really considered all that often. After that day, it was all I could think about! As it turns out, opening my own practice has proven to be FAR less risky than working for someone else.

"Believe it or not, opening my own practice was a less risky choice than working for someone else."

Have you met with any hardships, obstacles, or snags since opening?

Relying on my own gusto and USPh's experience has eliminated the biggest challenge I faced in the past: the whim of others.

Has your private practice met your expectations?

When we opened the doors, we were already half full! That's unheard of. In 6 months, I earned bonuses. Not even a year earlier I had had my salary sliced. Despite the apparent risk in opening a new business, I had already bettered my life, professionally and personally.

Any other comments?

I want physical therapy students to know about the USPh model, so I mentor and employ them. Not only do they gain practical experience, they learn that private practice is achievable. I always try to impress on them: being your own boss means always being in charge. And that's a good thing!

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