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Physical Therapy Franchise

physical therapist

Jon Bergh, PT

Ridgrecrest, CA • Opened in 2000

How long had you thought about opening a private practice?

I come from a family of private practitioners, so I always believed I would open my own practice. My father and brother are orthodontists, my uncle and brother-in-law are dentists, and my sister is a physical therapist like me. Business ownership is in my blood.

"My business has made me 4 or 5 times more than I would have made had I stayed employed."

Was it difficult work opening your clinic?

It wasn't difficult at all. In fact, the entire process went very quickly once we got the ball rolling. My wife and I flew to Houston where everything was great, and on the way home, my wife kept asking me over and over again, "Why are these people willing to do all this? Why are they being so nice? Can this really be this good?" The hardest part was probably convincing my wife that this was a real deal (which wasn't actually hard at all because she had been in their offices seeing everything first hand.) USPh provided tremendous support from day one. I knew how difficult starting private practice could be because of my family's practices. With bookkeeping, lawyers, human resource hassles, and marketing concerns, opening a practice would have been a nightmare without USPh.

Why did you choose to open your practice with USPh?

Private practice was in my blood, but business management was not. USPh handled everything I couldn't, so I could focus on providing a level of therapy I was proud of. Also, since this is my clinic, if I want to implement something, I needn't apply through channels and wait with fingers crossed. Also, needless to say, they made the financial side of things a lot easier!

Have you experienced hardships, obstacles, or snags since opening?

The economic downturn resulted in a sharp decline (business dropped 35%) but USPh rallied behind us with an outstanding marketing support, and we have rebounded nicely. My business has made me 4 or 5 times more than I would have made had I stayed employed.

How long did it take you to exceed your prior income?

In the second year, I easily tripled my previous income, and I've never looked back. Even during the downturn, my clinic's revenues were down, but it was relative - I was still making great money. My family leads a comfortable lifestyle and I have no worries my finances.

Any other comments?

The courtship happens quickly when you are the right fit for USPh. I was on the phone for 4 hours when I initially called USPh. 2 weeks later my wife and I flew to Houston to meet the board. 2 weeks later they flew into Ridgecrest to size up the community and physician support. My wife and I both had the "this is too good to be true" fear - briefly. We couldn't have been more wrong.

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